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Tank Container Storage

We know how to take care of your tank containers

As many of us who are familiar with the logistics industry know tank container transportation is way beyond the physical act of moving liquids from point A to B. You need to maintain the integrity of the cargo, safeguarding against contamination and ensuring compliance with stringent safety standards. Most of the chemicals demand a dual imperative of secure storage and temperature regulation during the whole transportation process.

At Zafer Tank, as we recognize the significant role that secure and efficient storage plays in safeguarding tank containers, we provide top-tier tank container storage services at our cutting-edge Gebze terminal.

Our storage facility accommodates 230 tank containers, meeting high industry standards for hazardous and non-hazardous goods, including temperature-controlled chemicals. Equipped with advanced security, surveillance, and fire protection, we ensure container protection. Our experienced team monitors storage operations with efficient inventory management, providing real-time updates. Tailored to your needs, we guarantee optimal storage conditions for your tank containers until they are ready to transport.