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ComplianceGuaranteeing safety by complete compliance with international regulations and standards

As a tank container transportation company specializing in the transport of liquid chemicals safety is the foundation of our business, not just a priority.

As we mostly transport dangerous goods, our strict commitment to safety is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operations, and it sets us apart from conventional logistics.

At Zafer Tank, in order to guarantee the safe transportation of liquid chemicals, we are always committing to internationally recognized standards and regulations. We reduce the risks of unexpected accidents, protect people and the environment, and maintain the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental performance throughout the entire transportation process by implementing these measures, of course, we also give our clients peace of mind.

  • A fleet of ADR compliant self-owned vehicles
  • Drivers who have an SRC 5 license and are experts in transporting dangerous goods
  • Equipment and know-how to ensure safe transportation of dangerous goods within the scope of ADR (classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9)
  • ICMC Supply Chain Audit as Contractor

Zafer Tank International Certifications

Risk ManagementManaging risks proactively with strict procedures and instructions

Using strict procedures, smart software, and regular audits we manage the risks associated with our business effectively.

  • Pre-Departure Alcohol Tests
  • Pre-Departure Vehicle Inspections
  • Experienced Escort Company
  • Cyanide Transport Procedure and Instruction
  • Road Risk Report
  • Route Risk Analysis

TrainingMaintaining the highest standards with skilled staff and periodical training

Thanks to our full commitment to ongoing training, we always maintain the highest standards of service in the transportation of dangerous liquid chemicals.

  • SRC 5, ADR (General Awareness, Task Specific, Safety Training)
  • OHS (Chemical risk factors, psychological risk factors, ergonomics, working at height, use of PPE, use of fire extinguishers and fire prevention)
  • Behavioural Safety and ISOPA Trainings
  • Safe Use and Risks of Cyanide, Cyanide MSDS Training