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ICMI Cyanide Code

We received our ICMI Certificate

We successfully achieved certification under the Cyanide Code on December 27, 2023, and today we are excited to announce finally received our certificate. The International Cyanide Management Code is a voluntary certification program for companies that manufacture, transport, and use cyanide…

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Mission Impossible

Our Magazine Ad that Published on Harward Business Review Türkiye’s January’24 Issue

Today we’d like to share our latest magazine ad, titled “Mission Impossible”, published in the Harward Business Review Türkiye’s January 2024 edition. No other movie title better than “Mission Impossible” that perfectly expresses our daily routine of work. In the last…

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Ensurin safety in tank container transportation

We know how to ensure safety in tank container transportation

At Zafer Tank Taşıma, we ensure the safe transportation of liquid chemicals by committing to internationally recognized standards and regulations as well as our strict risk management procedures. Because we know safety isn’t just a priority—it’s the cornerstone of our tank…

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Avoiding Troubles: The 5 Major Mistakes in Tank Container Transportation

Avoiding troubles: The 5 major mistakes in tank container transportation

Even in established industries, mistakes can easily put safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility at risk. Tank container transportation is also not exempt from this. So today I’d like to talk about some important missteps that can affect tank container transportation. Learning…

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How SQAS Ensures Chemical Companies feel certain about their logistics partners?

As transporting hazardous chemicals poses a significant risk to both the environment and human health, logistics activities become a crucial aspect for chemical companies. That’s why it is essential to meet strict safety and quality standards in their logistics operations to…

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