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More than 25 years of experience in tank container transportation

Established in 1998, Zafer Tank Taşıma is a leading provider of end-to-end tank container transportation services for hazardous and non-hazardous liquids and natural chemicals.

Founded by partners who entered the international transportation sector in 1977, we have grown steadily to become a pioneer in the industry. Specializing exclusively in tank container transportation, we offer end-to-end tank container transportation solutions by providing transport, storage, heating, and even custom clearance services to prominent tank operators and companies in Turkey and Europe.

Our fleet of ADR-compliant vehicles and drivers ensures that your chemicals are transported safely and efficiently to their destination.

Our state-of-the-art storage facilities provide secure and environmentally friendly storage for your chemicals, and our end-to-end customs clearance services make it easy to import and export chemicals from around the world.

As your one-stop shop for all your chemical transportation needs, with our commitment to sustainability, ISO certifications, SQAS assessment, and experienced team, we are here to help you transport your liquid chemicals safely, efficiently, and compliantly.

Milestones of our story

The principles that make us
who we are

As stated in our vision, mission, and core values, we are committed to being a customer-focused, quality-driven, and environmentally conscious organization that provides innovative, reliable, and sustainable solutions for tank container transportation. We are always looking for new ways to improve both our business and services.

Our Vision

To become an organization that has increased its share in the tank container transportation market, preferred by its customers for the service quality, process management and affordable costs, employs high quality people, vehicles, machinery, and equipment, and increases its sensitivity in environmental and occupational safety.

Our Mission

Zafer Tank Taşıma is an innovative company that provides customer-oriented, high quality and fast solutions in tank container transportation, closely follows the developments in its field of activity and cares about occupational health & safety and environment.

Our Values

Safety & Reliability
We are committed to providing safe and reliable tank container transportation solutions considering our employees, customers, and the environment.

We are committed to using environmentally friendly logistics practices and technologies to reduce our environmental impact.

We will always be looking for new ways to improve our services and constantly meet the changing needs of our growing industry.

We are a customer-driven company and committed to being always transparent in communication. We will always be listening to them and will keep them informed transparently at every step of our service processes.

How we craft success
in tank container transportation

Our stringent corporate policies form the foundation of our operations, ensuring that we uphold the highest standards in every aspect of our service.

From social responsibility and workplace safety to behavioral security and regulatory compliance, these policies guide our practices and underscore our commitment to delivering excellence in the transportation industry.

Our Corporate Policies

Maximum effort is made to fully understand our customers’ needs and conditions, to always fulfill them completely and to exceed their expectations.

All relevant standards and best practices, especially ISO Standards and SQAS rules, are followed, and our activities are designed and carried out accordingly.

Customer complaints are investigated in detail and necessary actions are taken to eliminate any root causes.

Constructive criticism from customers and our staff is taken into account and changes are made in our processes when necessary.

All resources and qualified workforce are allocated to carry out the activities in high quality and in accordance with customer requirements.

Our staff is informed about quality standards and held responsible for working in accordance with these standards, and this approach is used as a criterion of work performance.

Maximum efforts are made to increase the level of knowledge and awareness about the importance of quality within the company.

Electricity, water, and natural gas consumption, especially fuel consumption of vehicles, is kept low and improvements in consumption rates are encouraged for this purpose.

By regularly collecting and reporting data on fuel consumption performance, current performance in this area and any improvement over time are monitored.

Measures are taken to reduce fuel consumption and therefore the amount of exhaust gases released into the environment.

To ensure that our activities are environmentally friendly, efficient use of resources is ensured and encouraged in our facilities and vehicles.

We ensure and encourage our personnel to work with an environmentally friendly approach. For this purpose, steps are taken to increase the level of knowledge and awareness of personnel on energy saving.

Our personnel are encouraged to make suggestions on environmental protection and energy saving.

Legislation in force on environmental issues and amendments to this legislation are closely monitored, knowledge in this field is increased and the requirements of the legislation are reflected in our internal practices.

Our activities are carried out within the understanding of social responsibility.

We do our business according to fair competition rules and business ethics principles. Bribery, corruption, conflict of interest, money laundering, etc. Immoral practices are not approved or supported in any way. Even for the benefit of the company, taking such paths is subject to the harshest sanctions.

Measures are taken to protect the safety of the environment and our stakeholders.

We act in accordance with fundamental human rights in our relations with our internal and external stakeholders.

There is absolutely no discrimination in the workplace and in our working relationships.

We always comply with the law in our employment and personnel practices, including avoiding child labor and forced labor.

Appropriate working conditions are provided for personnel. Working overtime is not preferred and, if absolutely necessary, it is done in accordance with the law.

All necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety and health of the facility and working environment.

Appropriate solutions are implemented after identifying all health and safety risks.

Maximum efforts are made to provide a suitable working environment adapted to the physiological and psychological needs of the personnel.

Legal requirements, rules, guidelines and standards regarding occupational health and safety are complied with.

Personnel are interviewed about the identified health and safety risks, and their opinions are taken about possible solutions and precautions.

Visitors are informed about the health and safety measures they must follow within the facility and it is stated that it is mandatory to comply with these measures.

Maximum efforts are made to fully ensure and maintain occupational health and safety, including reporting of accidents and health incidents.

Health and safety activities are managed in accordance with applicable laws and international safety standards.

It is ensured that all staff and visitors comply with the health and safety policy.

Continuous improvement in health and safety standards is encouraged.

A Behavioural Based Safety procedure is created and it is ensured that the personnel works in accordance with the procedure in question to ensure safe work.

The level of knowledge and awareness about the Behavioural Based Safety approach is increased through in-company training and behavioral observations.

It is ensured that personnel, especially from the management level, become role models in this regard.

All accidents and injuries, including near misses, are investigated, root causes are determined and corrective actions are taken when necessary.

Compliance with Behavioural Based Safety rules is taken into account as a criterion of the personnel’s work performance.

Advanced information technologies (IT) infrastructure required by our activities is used.

Protect IT infrastructure from viruses etc. The security of information is ensured by equipping it with the most up-to-date security systems against malicious software and unauthorized access. Necessary updates to these systems are made on time to ensure effective operation.

Maximum efforts are made to increase employees’ awareness and sensitivity about the security of information belonging to the company and its stakeholders.

It is ensured that the company’s information technology resources are used in line with the interests of the company and our customers.

Controlled access to company and stakeholder information is ensured, ensuring that only authorized persons can see this information.

It is strictly prohibited to possess, use, sell or distribute alcohol during working hours. Additionally, it is prohibited to possess, use, sell or distribute drugs during and outside working hours.

Even if alcohol is consumed before the start of work, it is strictly prohibited to come to work or use Zafer Tank Transportation’s vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Drivers and other personnel who are unable to work because they are drunk must report this to the company and request permission.

Personnel who use prescription drugs with sedative effects are required to obtain a written statement from their doctor stating that the drug will not affect job safety and performance and to submit this to the company.

The company may request that people applying for positions sensitive to occupational health and safety, including drivers, take some tests regarding alcohol, drug and medication use. Applications of people who refuse to take these tests will not be taken into consideration.

If there is suspicion that the personnel is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, an alcohol check may be performed upon the request of the relevant unit manager. Carrying out this control is absolutely dependent on the consent of the employee. However, drivers may be subjected to an alcohol test before departure.

Personnel who are subjected to an alcohol test by the traffic police while driving and whose blood alcohol level is above the limit prescribed by law are subject to disciplinary action. In any case, whether the personnel is under the influence of alcohol will be evaluated according to the criteria specified in the Traffic Law.

Those who come to the workplace under the influence of alcohol or drugs and drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, even though they are encouraged to receive treatment after being found to be addicted to alcohol or drugs as a result of the examinations, are subject to disciplinary punishments that may range from a written warning to expulsion, depending on the severity of the situation.

Test and treatment results performed with the consent of the personnel will be evaluated only by the specialist doctor and the results will be forwarded to the relevant unit manager and the General Manager. Test results, diagnosis and treatment processes will be kept completely confidential from third parties, except for those within the company who need to know due to their job.