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Tank Container Storage

We know how to take care of your tank containers

As many of us who are familiar with the logistics industry know tank container transportation is way beyond the physical act of moving liquids from point A to B. You need to maintain the integrity of the cargo, safeguarding against contamination…

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End-to-End Tank Container Logistics

From start to finish: End-to-end tank container logistics

As the world’s need for liquid chemical transportation increases, tank operators and companies around the world are looking for modern, efficient, and reliable services that can meet every aspect of their logistics requirements. At Zafer Tank, we know how the nature…

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Tank Container Heating

How to keep cool under pressure – Reliable heating systems in liquid chemical transportation

The preservation of product integrity during liquid chemical transportation is reliant upon maintaining precise temperature control. A substandard heating system can result in destructive effects on the quality, and safety of transported chemicals, which often exhibit sensitivity to heat. At Zafer…

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Tank Container Transportation

Why you need extreme care and expertise in transporting liquid chemicals?

Unlike conventional logistics, transporting liquid chemicals can be a much more complex and dangerous task. Why? What are the certain risks and challenges associated with this type of transportation and how do they need to be managed? Let’s explore. Serious Risks…

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Tank Container

Chemical Logistics: Why perfection is not an ideal, it’s a necessity?

We all know that logistics is a critical component of supply chain management in every industry, but it is crucial in the chemistry sector. In this industry, there is absolutely no room for any error. One mistake can be catastrophic, resulting…

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