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ICMI Cyanide Code

We received our ICMI Certificate

We successfully achieved certification under the Cyanide Code on December 27, 2023, and today we are excited to announce finally received our certificate. The International Cyanide Management Code is a voluntary certification program for companies that manufacture, transport, and use cyanide…

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The Importance of Sustainability

The importance of sustainability – Roads towards a cleaner tomorrow

In a world where environmental issues are increasingly threatening, it’s not just how good you are in your business, it’s also how you do it. As the demand for sustainability increases throughout all industries, tank container transportation is also experiencing significant…

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How SQAS Ensures Chemical Companies feel certain about their logistics partners?

As transporting hazardous chemicals poses a significant risk to both the environment and human health, logistics activities become a crucial aspect for chemical companies. That’s why it is essential to meet strict safety and quality standards in their logistics operations to…

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