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How to keep cool under pressure – Reliable heating systems in liquid chemical transportation

The preservation of product integrity during liquid chemical transportation is reliant upon maintaining precise temperature control. A substandard heating system can result in destructive effects on the quality, and safety of transported chemicals, which often exhibit sensitivity to heat.

At Zafer Tank, we are aware of the significance of temperature regulation throughout the transportation process. Our Gebze tank container terminal is equipped with 24/7 operational state-of-the-art heating systems utilizing electric, steam, and hot water to ensure customers’ products remain at the desired temperature, unaffected by external circumstances.

We prioritize the implementation of the latest technology and equipment to provide our clients with secure and effective transportation services of the highest caliber, upholding our commitment to maintaining exceptional safety and quality standards.

In the matter of transporting your liquid chemicals at the appropriate temperature consistently, we have the knowledge and expertise to deliver. In short, we know how.