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How SQAS Ensures Chemical Companies feel certain about their logistics partners?

As transporting hazardous chemicals poses a significant risk to both the environment and human health, logistics activities become a crucial aspect for chemical companies. That’s why it is essential to meet strict safety and quality standards in their logistics operations to mitigate these risks.

The SQAS system is a comprehensive assessment program that evaluates the performance of logistics service providers in important areas such as safety, health, environmental protection, and quality management.

This system is a highly critical aspect of logistics activities for chemical companies because it helps to ensure the safety and quality of their operations. By participating in the SQAS program, chemical companies can ensure that their logistics activities are in compliance with industry standards and regulations and that their logistics service providers are following best practices for safety and quality.

SQAS assesses the entire logistics chain, from the chemical producers to the end-users, ensuring the safety of the products, the environment, and the people involved in the logistics operations. Additionally, it helps identify potential risks and hazards and provides recommendations on how to mitigate them, which can be crucial for preventing accidents and ensuring that the products are transported safely.

The SQAS system also helps chemical companies to improve the performance of the logistics providers and increase the sustainability of the logistics operations.

As Zafer Logistics, focused only on tank container transportation, having SQAS certification gives our customers peace of mind that they are working with a logistics provider who is committed to safety and quality. We are also happy to help them to comply with regulatory requirements and industry standards.