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Experience Stress-Free and Seamless Tank Container Transportation

Experience stress-free and seamless tank container transportation

If you are in need to transport your hazardous chemicals somewhere around the world you are probably well aware that there are many specific processes and significant risks in carrying and storing liquid chemicals that need to be managed effectively.

That’s why, at Zafer Tank Taşıma, our commitment is to make these complicated and challenging processes as seamless and stress-free as possible for our clients.

Let’s look at how we achieve excellence in tank container transportation:

Being One-Stop Shop for Our Clients

We provide comprehensive liquid chemical logistics solutions, including transport, storage, heating, and even custom clearance of tank containers as needed. Whether it’s receiving tank containers from overseas at the port or train station, storing them at our logistics center per customer requests, or direct transportation to their facility, we’ve got it covered. Additionally, our clients have the option to request heating and fluidization of imported products. In essence, we offer a full spectrum of liquid chemical logistics services.

Being Transparent in Communication

At Zafer Tank Taşıma, we value clear and instant communication with our customers. We believe that keeping you informed every step of the way is paramount to a successful logistics partnership.

Having End-To-End Intermodal Expertise

Thanks to our German and U.S. representations our logistics operations are connecting every corner of the globe employing the intermodal transportation model, including sea routes.

Setting Safety and Quality Standards

We guarantee the safe transportation of liquid chemicals by committing to internationally recognized standards and regulations. We uphold ADR and SQAS standards, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination with the utmost care.

At Zafer Tank taşıma, our commitment to excellence and dedication to the safe and efficient transport of liquid and bulk cargo has allowed us to contribute to the seamless flow of liquid chemicals across the globe.